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COVID-19 Pool Rules

C 1.    If you are feeling sick, do not enter.

C 2.   The pool area has NOT been sanitized. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK.

C 3.   Bathroom is open but has NOT been sanitized. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

C 4.   Residents and guests are allowed.

C 5.   Residents are responsible for making sure their guests follow ALL (COVID 19 and regular) pool rules.

C 6.   The condo association will not put out furniture this summer. You will need to bring your own. What you carry in you must carry out immediately upon exiting pool area.

C 7.   Social distancing between groups MUST be maintained (minimum of 6 feet).

C 8.   Length of stay limited to 2 hours. You may stay more than 2 hours if room allows. Honor system, please be considerate.

C 9.   Umbrella stands are available for your use. You must provide your own umbrella.

C 10. Sit on pavement only except the pavement at pool house/bathroom end of pool.  People need access to the gate, bathroom, pool house, and hose. Do not sit on the grass. Grass area within the fenced-in pool area is to remain clear so people may walk there to maintain social distancing.

C 11. Provide 6 feet clearance at and around pool steps and ladder to allow social distancing for people entering/exiting pool.

C 12. Maximum of 25 people allowed within the fenced area at one time.Abuse of/failure to follow a pool rule may result in a fine and/or loss of pool use and/or closing of the pool.